Wolfcast – Week 1 v. Montana State


The Bobcats come to town from the north.  They are quite the FCS opponent so don’t expect them to roll over.  The guys break down the game and other SBC games.  Also this Wolfcast features the debut of a new segment, Jif’s Game Day Tips!  Join us for a new Wolfcast!


Wolfcast – The Last Preseason Wolfcast!


The preseason is almost over.  The guys talk about the recent scrimmage and the impact of new players on the team.  Lot’s of interesting stuff to cover just before we get ready for the first game!  Check out the latest Wolfcast!

Wolfcast – Come On Football!!!


Terry breaks in as host in the latest edition of the Wolfcast.  Jeremy and Terry chat up the ASURW SBC predictions.  They also chat up what the team needs for success in 2014.

Preseason SBC Prediction


I think everyone has cashed in their preseason predictions, so it’s time to be fashionably late for us here at ASURW.com. This should be an interesting season for members of the Sun Belt as we welcome Appalachian State and Georgia Southern to the posse.

App State and GA South have made their marks knocking off a couple of bigger teams as FCS spoilers, but many seem to believe they will have a learning curve in joining the SBC. Returning to the Sun Belt, Idaho and New Mexico State were added in an act of desperation by Benson. We’ll see how they work out, but most aren’t optimistic about their prospects in the SBC. And then there’s the SBC returners, Texas State, Troy, ULL, ULM, USA, and ASU. Most early polls put ULL at the top, but we’re biased so…

The guys at ASURW.com put their minds together and came up with the following predictions on how the rankings will fall out in 2014. It’s pretty much a guess, but hey we have a website so that makes these predictions authoritative… doesn’t it?

First the grunts…

#11 Idaho  University_of_Idaho_Vandals_logo.svg

Listen guys, this is shameful. You won one game last season against a crappy Temple team. The only hope you had was maybe Paul Petrino could pull off some magic (his last name is Petrino after all), but that wasn’t enough. Remember you’re only in the SBC so we can get to 12 teams, so either shape up or recruit one more team for Benson. Here’s the strategy for winning this season, save your starters for one of the new FCS teams. Practice all season for only those guys.


#10 Appalachian State  app-state-logo-jerry-moore-out

Welcome guys! We’re impressed with your attendance numbers. We’re not impressed with your 2013 FCS season, only four wins. At least this season you get Idaho in Boone. I don’t care if it’s the last game of the season, make it homecoming.


#9 New Mexico State  NewMexicoStateAggies

It’s the return of the Aggies. You guys won two games last season. Fortunately, Idaho returns to your schedule. You don’t get App State though. Hopefully you can put something together , but we’re not counting on it. I think a good test will be Week 2 verses Georgia State in Atlanta. Focus on the game though, and not the city lights.


#8 Georgia State  GSU Logo

Congrats guys! You’re not dead last in this season’s preseason poll! Let’s be honest though, you probably should be. It just so happens that you scared the hell out of ASU fans last season, only losing after a failed two point conversion. Be sure we remember Ronnie Bell (Jr-QB) hanging 178 yds on us. So don’t do that this year. Honestly we don’t expect much. No wins last season is probably more telling.


#7 Georgia Southern  ga_southern_logo_medium

Eagles! Congrats on beating Florida last year. But you still only got 7 wins with a FCS schedule. You’ll be good, it’s just going to take a little time. We’re excited about your addition, just hang in there.


Now it’s the middle of the pack (or the group of teams that went .500 last season)…


#T-5 Troy  Troy Logo

How the mighty have fallen! This used to be your conference, and now you’re middle of the pack. Need to have a pretty good season this year or the heat’s going to get turned up pretty high on Blakely. No Robinson this year either…  Going 6-6 last season was nice, but no bowl was a sour ending.  Get bowl eligible and the Camalia Bowl or GoDaddy could be knocking at your door.  But also pump your attendance numbers.


#T-5 ULM  ULM Logo

Chicken Hawks!! War Hawks! I don’t know what to expect from you guys, but I’ll go with mediocrity. Kolton Browning is gone…  I kind of like your season.  No South Alabama, but no Georgia State.  ULL comes to town along with Troy and Texas State.  However you must travel to Jonesboro.  Wake Forest comes town Week 1 so that should be fun too.  But honestly if things go as normal, you’ll win big early, drop out of contention by Week 10 and then ruin ULL’s season.


#4 Texas State  TSU Logo

A lot of respect for the Bobcats. You came in and showed you can play.  Robert Lowe is returning as one of the best RBs in the SBC.  We expect you to be stout, but this isn’t your break through year.  Going .500 last season was impressive, and you’ll start off with an ego bump playing UAPB.  Let’s see how you do this season.


#3 South Alabama  USA Logo

Why do people think you’re good?  Ok so you got bowl eligible with six wins last season, and four of the games you lost were for a combined 6 points.  But you also lost to Southern Utah and barely topped Tulane.  The game was too close for comfort against stAte.  Oh and thanks for that season ending win against ULL.  Tennessee only topped you by seven.  So I’m not sure what to think, but it seems everyone else thinks you’re ready make a run for the SBC title.  And I’m sure if you got bowl eligible, GoDaddy would love to have you.  But Metheny is gone… so we’ll see.  This is the season for action after a season we couldn’t fully understand in 2013.


Now it’s the cream of the SBC!


#2 ASU  ASU Logo

WTF?!?!?!  We’re a pro-ASU fan site?  How the hell is ASU not #1???  Ok so the pros… Defense: Q Lee, Frankie Jackson, Rocky Hayes, Sterling Young, AJ Turner, Chris Stone, Artez Brown, Kyle Coleman, Money Hunter, Chris Humes… I could go on.  Offense: JD McKissic, Michael Gordon, Fredi Knighten, Darion Griswold.  Ok so the stars on offense are a little more limited.  Questions are up front on the line and (we’ve heard this before) a new coaching staff.  ASU will be great, expect many wins, but just wait for ULL.


#1 ULL  ULL Logo

Mad respect for ULL. The stars seem to align this season. ASU and USA are coming to Lafayette. Also Hudspeth might pop if you don’t win it out right this season.  Terrance Broadway is back (SBC top 5 in passing in 2013).  Alonzo Harris is back (SBC top 5 in rushing in 2013).  Elijah McGuire is back (SBC top 5 in rushing in 2013).  Jamal Robinson is back (SBC top 5 in receiving in 2013).  All four are preseason first team all Sun Belt.  The defense is stout as well.  An experienced team, tough games at home and a coach that is tired of being over shadowed by ASU.  ULL better win it all or Hudspeth might have an aneurysm.


So that’s it.  I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is.  It should be a good and fun season in the Sun Belt.  Let’s hope it shakes out really well for the Red Wolves!

Wolfcast – Preseason Chatter


We chat more about preseason matters, including Fall Camp, AJ Turner, Sun Belt Media Day and more.  Join the guys for the Wolfcast!

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